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Good luck Jo!

£10 + £2.50 Gift Aid


Good luck Joanna and amia, from ur favourite person, leems 😊

£30 + £7.50 Gift Aid


Go for it Jo, you can do it!

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Hope you had fun, Jo

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Emily Carter

Well done both of you, a good excuse to put your feet up this week! :)

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Harj Matoo

Hope you had a good day Jo!

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Well done Jo!

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Julia Gray

Hope it went really well, gorgeous day for it xxx

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Duncan Callnon

250+ hon! Great job xx

£10 + £2.50 Gift Aid

Jackie Duffy

Well done Joanna and Amia , lots of love , Auntie Jackie


Rajinder Sngh

Good luck Joanna, Ginger & Cindy xx

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£10 + £2.50 Gift Aid


Good luck Jo - A worthy cause and a Charlton Game to look forward to at the end of it :)

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Fabulous thing you are doing. Hope you don't get blisters! E x

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Catherine Faithfull

Best of luck for your walk Jo!x

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Zack Thompson

Should be a cinch for someone who does long walks, often. For you, Joanna.... lol

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Have fun Jo!

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Good luck Joanna! Such a lovely thing to do Jo, looking forward to seeing some photos of your walk. Shirley x

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Alan Nelson

Well done both , good luck , Mum and Dad xxx

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Graham Malt

Good luck sis 👍

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Samuel Wake

Good luck girls do your best


Paulina Piadlowski

Good luck Joanna and Amia! Love you


Mark Nichols

Good luck Jo Jo

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Craig Template

only donating on condition I get to touch up yet tits next time your at my gaff OBVS

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Joanna Nelson

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